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      Dr. David Singer

      Free Nutritional Training Teleconference's

      Thursday, Jan 26th - 1:30-2:30pm EST

      "How to Help Children Naturally with ADD/ADHD (part 1)"

      with Dr. Robert Bartosh

      Thursay, Feb 8th - 1:30-2:30pm EST

      "How to Help Children Naturally with ADD/ADHD (part 2)" 

      with Dr. Robert Bartosh

      Access Codes

      Call (424) 203-8000
      Access code: 995230

      To attend one of the teleconferences, just dial the number and access code at the above times and enjoy.

      In case you missed previous teleconferences:

      Dr. Vida Puodziunas, D.C.

      "Using Raglands Test and 3 Other Ways to Test Adrenals" 

      Dr. Robert DeMartino, D.C.
      "Toxicity Testing in Your Practice"

      and many more

      These recordings are now available by clicking here...


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